Volleyball Workouts

Volleyball Workouts

These volleyball workouts will strengthen muscle groups needed to meet the physical demands placed on players during a volleyball game.  The volleyball workouts listed here do not need any equipment in order to be completed.  Ensure proper warm-up is conducted before attempting any of these volleyball workouts and consult with your physician before beginning any training regimen or workout schedule.

Each of these volleyball workouts utilize circuit training, meaning that all exercises in the workout are completed as a group one after the other.  The intensity of the workout depends on how many sets of the circuit are completed, one to two sets for low to moderate intensity, three or more sets for high intensity.  Rest for one to three minutes between each set.

Volleyball Workouts – Strength Training 1

15 Alien Squats

15 Push Ups

20 Scissor Kicks

30 Calf Raises

15 Knee Tuck Jumps

Volleyball Workouts – Strength Training 2

15 Single Leg Balance (per leg)

10 Clock Push Ups

20 Cross Crunches

20 Alternate Leg Diagonal Bound (each jump counts as one)

30 second Superman

Volleyball Workouts – Strength Training 3

20 Air Bike

60 Punches

16 Bodyweight Lunges (8 per leg)

10 Dive Bomber Push Ups

1 minute High Knee Jog

Volleyball Workouts – Cardio 1

Carioca Quick Step from side line to side line

15 Double Leg Butt Kicks 

18 Jump Lunge to Feet Jack

1 minute Linear Acceleration Wall Drill

1 minute Mountain Climbers

Volleyball Workouts – Cardio 2

15 Pop Squats

20 Slide Jump Shot

18 Knee Tuck Jumps

15 Bent Knee Hip Raise

12 Cobra Triceps Extensions

Volleyball Workouts – Cardio 3

16 Burpees

16 Rocket Jumps

30 second Plank

25 Defensive Slide

20 Split Jumps

Volleyball Workouts – Upper Body 1

10 Push Up to Side Plank

8 Body Ups

40 Punches

16 Wrist Circles

Volleyball Workouts – Upper Body 2

16 Staggered Push Ups (8 each position)

16 Bench Dips

12 Diamond Push Ups

Volleyball Workouts – Abs 1

20 Alternate Heel Touchers

12 Frog Sit Ups

15 Toe Touchers

Volleyball Workouts – Abs 2

15 Butt Ups

12 Dead Bugs (6 each side)

10 Lower Back Curls

12 Oblique Crunches

Volleyball Workouts – Legs 1

20 Body Weight Reverse Lunges

30 seconds Fast Kick with Arm Circles

16 Body Weight Squats

16 Football Up Downs

Volleyball Workouts – Legs 2

16 Freehand Jump Squats

40 Butt Kicks

1 minute Ice Skater

12 Glute Bridge Hamstring Walkout