Volleyball Drills for Beginners

Volleyball Drills for Beginners

Blocking Drills for Beginners Digging Drills for Beginners Hitting Drills for Beginners
Passing Drills for Beginners Serving Drills for Beginners Setting Drills for Beginners

Coaches of new volleyball players have a great opportunity to teach proper form and develop good habits.  These volleyball drills for beginners will teach the basics and develop volleyball skills that will set a solid foundation to build upon.For more volleyball drills for all ages and skill levels check out our complete collection of free volleyball drills.

Blocking Drills

Defensive Read

This beginner volleyball drills will teach players how to read where a hitter is going to attack.  Blockers must be able to get a good read on the attacking player to block the volleyball.  Begin with a hitter and blocker lined up on opposite sides of the net from each other.  The coach will position themselves directly behind the blocker and begin the drill by playing a hittable volleyball into the hitter.Defensive Read

The blocker must read where the hitter is going to attack.  This is a great volleyball drill for high repetitions for both the blocker and hitter.  The blocker should focus on the hitter’s:

  • Approach to the ball
  • Placement of their shoulder in relation to the ball
  • Arm motion

All of these are hints that can give blockers an idea as to where the hitter is going to attack.  The angle at which they approach the ball tells the general direction of the attack, a straight approach gives the hitter more options, if the approach is at a sharp angle they will be limited to the areas of the court they can attack.

Rapid Blocking

In order to get a high amount of repetitions in a short amount of time use this volleyball drill.  Have blockers and hitters line up on opposite sides of the net.  The blockers will block in pairs and there will be a player on the attacking side of the net that is the designated setter.  The drill begins by the coach playing a volleyball into the setter who then plays a volleyball for the hitter to attack.  The blockers work together and must communicate to block the attack.  Once players have blocked or hit they return to the back of the line.  The coach dictates the tempo of the drill by playing in volleyballs to the setter at a rapid pace.

Rapid Blocking

Digging Drills

Get Set and Dig

Position and Dig

This is a simple volleyball drill for quick repetitions and form.  The coach hits or throws a volleyball to the first player in line forcing them to dig or pass the volleyball back to the coach.  Have players get into a ready position before the volleyball is played in.

Dig Deep

Players will build skills digging from different areas on the court and work on accuracy to set up an attack.  Players line up on the side of the court and the coach will hit or throw a volleyball to them where they must dig and return the volleyball to the coach.  The process is repeated two more times with volleyballs played about the same distance from the net as the first, but at different angles.  Focus on accuracy and work on proper form.

Dig Deep1Dig Deep2Dig Deep3

The volleyballs played in should be challenging, but not too difficult remember the focus is form and working with players to develop the skills to dig from different areas of the backcourt.

Hitting Drills

Basic Hitting

Use this volleyball drill to emphasize form and work on technique from approach to follow through.  The coach begins by playing a volleyball into the hitter.

Basic Hitting

The hitter then passes the volleyball to the setter.  The volleyball is set for the hitter to attack.

Basic Hitting2

Emphasize proper footwork and a strong approach to the volleyball.  The hitter then hits the volleyball over the net.

Basic Hitting3

The hitter then retrieves their volleyball and returns to the back of the line.  This is a great volleyball drill for teaching the basics and can be used for beginners and even more advanced players to sharpen and hone their skills.

Hitting Duel

Two hitters will face off in this duel volleyball drill to see who can accumulate the most kills.  The coach plays a volleyball into a setter who then sets the volleyball for one of the hitters. The hitter hits the volleyball over the net and a point is scored for every successful kill.  If the players on the other side dig the volleyball no point is scored.  The next volleyball is set to the other hitter and the process is repeated.  Each hitter will be given the opportunity to attack twelve balls and the player with the highest number of kills wins.

Hitting Duel1Hitting Duel2

Passing Drills

Basic Passing

Set up players on one side of the court and the coach on the opposite side.  The coach plays a volleyball into the player in the back court who then passes the volleyball to a target player at the net.
Basic Passing1Basic Passing2

After the pass the target player must set the ball.  The goal is to pass a volleyball to the target player that can be set to attack.  For every successful pass that reaches the target player and is able to be successfully set the player earns a point.  Every errant pass or pass that is unable to be set does not earn a point.  After the set the players rotate with the passer becoming the setter, the setter going to the back of the line, and the next player in line becoming the new passer.  Complete ten repetitions for each player and the player with the most points at the end of the drill wins.

Pass and Shuffle

Players will work in pairs to pass a volleyball back and forth working their way from the touchline to the net and back again.  Begin with both players behind the end line about ten to fifteen feet apart.  A pass is played towards the net and the receiving player must shuffle to the volleyball and return the pass.  The players will pass the ball in a zig zag shape to the net, then return behind the end line.

Pass and Shuffle1Pass and Shuffle2

The players must reach the net and return without the volleyball touching the ground, if the ball touches the ground they must start over.  To make this volleyball drill more challenging force the players to go from end line to end line.  They must play the ball over the net and go under the net to receive it.

Serving Drills

Around the World

Split the court up into six zones with tape or cones.  The zones are labeled one through six and players will serve to each zone on the court beginning with zone one.  Once they serve a volleyball that lands in zone one they can move onto zone two and so on.  Challenge players to land a volleyball in each zone and travel “around the world” with the lowest number of serves possible.  Each player should attempt to set a personal best each round.

Around the World

Serving Warm-Up

Use this volleyball drill to warm players up and work on their serving form.  Players will line up behind the end line and serve their volleyball over the net.  After the serve they jog to retrieve their volleyball and serve from the opposite side of the court.

Serving WarmUp

Setting Drills

Simple Set

This volleyball drill is a good warm up drill and is good for beginning players.  Players line up on one side of the court and the coach positions themselves in the middle of the court.  The first player in line moves toward the coach, who tosses a volleyball to the player.  The player sets the volleyball back to the coach.

Simple Set1

After the player sets the volleyball they run around the coach and line up on the opposite side of the court.

Simple Set2

The next player in line then repeats the process.

Simple Set3

Once all players have gone through the coach turns around and every player takes another repetition.  To maximize touches keep the number of players in line low, around three to five.  This volleyball drill can also be modified to work on passing.

Sets Only Game

Sets Only Game

All the rules of a regular game of volleyball apply to this drill, but players are only allowed to set the ball.  A volleyball is put into play by setting it across the net and the other team must return the ball with sets.  To make this volleyball drill more challenging and allow players to get more touches on the volleyball limit the team sizes to three or four players.

These volleyball drills for beginners will begin to develop player’s skills.  The focus during these drills should be on the form and technique during the volleyball motions, develop those good habits early on, do not worry too much on the performance of the players.  Beginning players should not be expected to hit an accurate serve consistently or dig the majority of volleyballs correctly.  The results will come with time and putting in the time to develop the proper form and technique will be better for the players long term development.  Be sure to give continuous constructive feedback to players and point out progress to keep them motivated and hungry to improve on their next repetition.  Maximize every moment of practice to allow players to get as many touches on the volleyball as possible, here are more tips on how to run an amazing volleyball practice and help new volleyball players gain skills and confidence.

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