Fun Volleyball Drills – The Top 7

Fun Volleyball Drills – The Top 7

These fun volleyball drills will keep players coming back for more all while working on skills in a fun way.  As mentioned in the how to run an amazing volleyball practice post a great way to end practice is with a fun volleyball drill.  Ending practice with a fun drill will motivate players during practice and end on a high note that will increase excitement for the next practice or training session.  Usually fun drills involve competition and teamwork, these are also important elements to incorporate into a practice to prepare players and teams for competitive situations.  Here are the top seven fun volleyball drills that players will enjoy!


This fun volleyball drill will work on players setting ability as well as communication and court awareness.  Split players up into two teams with all players on one side of the court.  One team begins by setting the ball in the air, the opposite team must be the next one to set the ball.  If they do not and the ball touches the ground the team that last set the ball earns a point.


The teams will continue to set the ball after the opposing team until an illegal set occurs or the ball touches the ground.  Players are only allowed to set the ball.  Each set must be above the height of the net and a legal set to count.  The first team to twelve points wins.

A fun variation of this drill is to remove a player from the team that was unable to successfully return a set.  A team wins the game if they have all of their players left on the court.  For example if two teams of four are competing and the blue team as demonstrated in the diagram fails to return a set from the black team they would lose a player.  Play would resume four versus three and continue until one team loses all of its players.

Gym Ball

This is a fun volleyball drill that will improve passing and communication.  Divide players into two teams, it is fine if the numbers are greater than six vs. six. A team scores a point every time the volleyball touches or bounces on the ground, the difference between this drill and a regular game of volleyball is that the ball is not dead after it touches the ground.  The ball is dead if it is rolling on the ground.  A team may win one of two ways, if the volleyball is rolling on the ground the team who last successfully hit the ball over the net automatically wins or if the team is the first to reach twenty five points (meaning the volleyball bounced twenty five times).  The reason this drill is called “Gym Ball” is because there are no boundaries, the volleyball is always in play and teams have an unlimited number of touches to play the volleyball over the net.  When they play the volleyball over the net it must be within the normal boundaries of the court.  If the volleyball is played outside the normal boundaries of the court the team that hit the volleyball out of bounds must retrieve the volleyball before it begins to roll and bring back to their side of the net and hit it over legally.  Any bounces that occur are points for the other team (a note if the ball bounces three times before a player is able to make contact that is three points for the other team.) Players may position themselves anywhere in the gym.  This volleyball drill seems like chaos but by having the volleyball always live, having unlimited number of touches, and players able to position themselves anywhere lots of passes and touches occur.  Players can use form not usually allowed in a game to get a volleyball off the ground, for example they can scoop or kick the ball into the air.  Ensure that touches after the ball is lifted from its bounce are quality passes.


During this drill players will pair up and attempt to pass a volleyball into a designated target zone aka the hole.  In order to move closer to the hole players must pass the volleyball back and forth.  The ball may not touch the ground anywhere outside of the hole, if it does the players must go back to the start and try again.   The goal is to pass the volleyball into the hole with the least number of passes.  If a player passes the ball directly into the hole it is a hole in one. Get creative and have players begin from different locations on the court and pass a volleyball back and forth while they move towards the hole, shown as the orange cones.


Placing the hole on the opposite side of the net from the starting position offers a unique challenge to either hit the ball over the net into the hole, or players can elect to pass the ball over the net and continue to pass back and forth until they are very close to the hole.  This fun volleyball drill can be modified to only allow players to set the ball back and forth.  Hole locations and starting locations can be changed allowing this drill to remain engaging and fun for players after many repetitions.


This volleyball drill is a modified version of the basketball competition where players try to match each other’s shot.  One player begins by calling out which zone they are aiming for, if they successfully land their serve in that zone the other player must repeat the shot.  If they do not land it in the stated zone the other player is allowed to choose which zone they will target.  For every shot that a player is unable to replicate they receive a letter, for example if a player calls out zone 1 and they hit zone one and the other player fails to serve into zone one they receive and “H”.  The first player to spell horse loses.


This fun volleyball drill can be a one on one competition or a team competition where players rotate taking turns to match the shot of the other team.  Teams should not be too large to avoid players remaining idle for long periods of time, teams of three or four should be the maximum size.

3 v. 3

Divide the players into teams of three and have two teams play each other at a time with the other teams waiting behind the court.  The coach begins the drill by playing a volleyball in hard with pace forcing the player to dig the ball to a setter.  After the successful dig the play begins similar to a regular match and the setter will play a volleyball to be hit by one of their other teammates.  The other team must then dig (no blocking in this volleyball drill)  and return the volleyball.  If a team allows the volleyball to go dead they must leave the court and another team takes their place.  The new team is the first to receive a volleyball from the coach and dig to attack.


Every time a team remains on the court they score a point, play the game for a pre-determined amount of time and the team with the most points at the end wins.  Another scoring variation for this fun volleyball drill is to declare the winning team as the team who was able to stay on the court the longest.  If a team scores seven straight points and every other team only scored three consecutive the team with seven in a row wins regardless of the overall score.


This fun volleyball drill is every man or woman for themselves and will focus on attacking andChaos digging.  Place four players on one side of the court, this will be the digging side, all other players will line up on the opposite side of the court.  The drill begins with the coach tossing or setting a ball (whichever is more consistently accurate) in the air to be attacked.  If the player hitting the ball successfully kills the ball they move to the side and advance to the next round.  If the attack does not result in a kill and the players on the opposite side of the net successfully dig the ball the player returns to the back of the line.  Continue to toss balls to both sides of the net at a fast pace, alternating sides and keep players moving to attack the ball.  Run the drill until every player except one has had a successful kill.  The last player remaining will sit the next round out and the remaining players will repeat the drill until only one player has not had a successful kill.  Continue the drill until only two players remain for the championship round where they must match each other shot for shot.  If both players do not record a successful kill or if both players do record a successful kill the championship round continues, once one player records a kill and the other does not the drill is over.  The player that was able to record the last kill wins.  After a champion is determined rotate players so that the players on the opposite side of the net digging have an opportunity to attack.


Begin by grouping players into groups of five.  Players will form a circle and pass the ball in a star pattern, after every pass they must complete an action.  For example, they must do one push-up or spin around three times, the coach chooses what the action is, get creative, but do not select an action that takes lots of time to complete.


If a player is unable to complete the action before the volleyball makes its way back around to them they are eliminated.  Players are also eliminated for an inaccurate pass.  When four players remain pass the ball in a figure eight pattern and when three players remain pass the ball around the triangle.  After the third player is eliminated the remaining two players are declared the winners.


These fun volleyball drills are a great way to end practice or inject some energy into a practice session.  The drills on this list work on a variety of skills and give coaches enough options to keep practices fresh and players excited to play.  Use drills from this list that compliment the overall purpose of the practice and build upon the skills worked on earlier in the session.  Keeping the tempo up and making each drill a competition will add another level of intensity to preparing players for competition and teaching them how to handle the pressures of game situations.  Enjoy these drills and have fun!

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