Digging Volleyball Drills

Digging Volleyball Drills

3 Digs

This volleyball drill begins with players lining up out of bounds while one player enters the court.  The coach then hits or tosses (whichever is more accurate and has solid pace) a volleyball to a spot on the court that challenges the player to dig the ball back to the coach.  The process is repeated two more times  with balls played to different locations on the court.  After the third dig a new player rotates in and digs three times.  Focus players on being aggressive and charging towards the volleyball with purpose and playing into an area that will build an attack.

3 Digs

It is also good to have a bin of volleyballs located close to the coach for this volleyball drill to keep up the fast pace.  Have players retrieve their errant digs after they have completed their 3 digs.

3 v. 3

Divide the players into teams of three and have two teams play each other at a time with the other teams waiting behind the court.  The coach begins the drill by playing a volleyball in hard with pace forcing the player to dig the ball to a setter.  After the successful dig the play begins similar to a regular match and the setter will play a volleyball to be hit by one of their other teammates.  The other team must then dig (no blocking in this volleyball drill)  and return the volleyball.  If a team allows the volleyball to go dead they must leave the court and another team takes their place.  The new team is the first to receive a volleyball from the coach and dig to attack.


Automatic Digging

The focus in this volleyball drill is to successfully dig to a target and attack off of a quality dig.  A player tAutomatic Digging1osses a volleyball to themselves and hits (or throws, whichever has more accuracy and pace) the ball to a pair of players.  One must dig to the setter located at the center of the net who sets the volleyball to a hitter that hits the ball over the net to a player that must dig the ball. The player that received the volleyball returns to the back of the line and the other player becomes the hitter for the next round.  Two new players enter the court and the drill is repeated.
Automatic Digging2

Dig Deep

Players will build skills digging from different areas on the court and work on accuracy to set up an attack.  Players line up on the side of the court and the coach will hit or throw a volleyball to them where they must dig and return the volleyball to the coach.  The process is repeated two more times with volleyballs played about the same distance from the net as the first, but at different angles.  Focus on accuracy and work on proper form.

Dig Deep1Dig Deep2Dig Deep3

The volleyballs played in should be challenging, but not too difficult remember the focus is form and working with players to develop the skills to dig from different areas of the backcourt.

Dig out of the Net

Dig Out of the Net1 Begin with two players, one set up behind the end line and the other at the net.  The player behind the end line plays a bounce serve into the net.  The volleyball can be thrown overhand if players do not have the consistency to serve into the net with pace.  The player at the net then digs the volleyball from the net to them self.    Dig Out of the Net2Their second touch is either a set or pass to the player who served the volleyball into the net.  If needed one bounce can be allowed in between the dig and the set or pass.

Get Set and Dig

Position and Dig

This is a simple volleyball drill for quick repetitions and form.  The coach hits or throws a volleyball to the first player in line forcing them to dig or pass the volleyball back to the coach.  Have players get into a ready position before the volleyball is played in.

Hitters v. Diggers
Hitters vs. Diggers1

Begin with four players on one side of the net, these will be the hitters, and three players on the opposite side, the diggers. Play begins with a pass to a setter who then sets the volleyball to be hit.  The diggers must successfully dig the volleyball and build their own attack.Hitters vs. Diggers2

For every successful kill the hitters receive one point and every successful dig is worth two points, if the diggers successfully build an attack and create a kill they get three points.  Emphasize digging in this volleyball drill and do not allow players to come to the net and block.

Points of Attack

Points of Attack

Have players work on digging volleyballs played from different angles.  Hitters will line up on one side of the net and a digger and target player on the opposite side.  The hitters take turns tossing the volleyball to themselves and hitting at the digger.  The digger must successfully dig the volleyball to the target player.  This volleyball drill allows for a high amount of repetitions and the pace should be quick.  Once a digger has attempted to dig 15 balls their turn is up and the next player rotates in.

Stay Low

Players will learn proper form by placing them under the net.

Stay Low

Another player hits or throws a volleyball to them that they must dig and return to the other player.  Ensure that players are keeping their body below the net and staying low throughout their dig.

A variation of this volleyball drill that adds a conditioning element is to set up two players on opposite sides of the court and have the player under the net dig a volleyball then shuffle while staying below the net across the court.  Once they arrive the other player hits or throws them a volleyball to dig and return.

Stay Low VariationStay Low Variation2